Mission & Values

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Transforming lives by connecting hearts and homes to Christ.
Our mission gives us direction and answers the question, "What is God calling us to do?"
At Zion, we understand that our God-given mission is to CONNECT hearts and homes to Christ. As people yield to God's call on their lives, it is Jesus who TRANSFORMS them into God's image and likeness.

How Can Zion Help?

At Zion, we have designed our worship, ministries, services and events to help you accomplish this transformation.
These four components:
  • GROW
are how we guide people to connect their hearts and homes to Christ so that they may live a transformed life.

Core Values

At Zion, there are six core values at the core of WHO we are and WHAT we do:
  • Growth is Expected :: Romans 12.2
We expect that, as we grow in knowledge and love of God, we are being transformed into Christ's likeness.

  • Relationally Connected :: Ecclesiastes 4.9-12
We know that growth and transformation happen best when we are connected to God and other believers.

  • Family Focused :: Psalm 145.4
We are committed to helping children, students and families know God and to equip parents to become the spiritual leaders in their homes.

  • Missionally Minded :: Genesis 12.2-3
We recognize we are called to use our gifts, talents and treasures to bless others as God blesses us.

  • Ministry Modeled :: Matthew 28.18-20
We believe that each of us is called to make disciples of Jesus.

  • God Glorified :: Revelation 4.11
We seek to glorify Jesus through the worship, prayer, fellowship, and ministries that take place at Zion Church.

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